In the 19th century, there was a movement for Independence in India and effects of which were felt on a smaller scale in Goa as well. In the late 1940s, Goans also took part in Satyagraha. However, the Portuguese refused to relinquish control of Goa when India gained independence in 1947. While the government took no military action at the time, it did hold a series of diplomatic talks with the Portuguese to begin the liberation of Goa. Finally, as the talks failed to produce any results, the Indian government opted to use its military option to liberate Goa. Every year on December 19, Goa Liberation Day is commemorated, as it was on this very day in 1961 the state was liberated from Portuguese authority, after being its colony for 451 years. On Goa Liberation Day, the nation pays homage to the martyrs and freedom fighters who fought to liberate Goa from colonial rule. SES, School of Symbiosis celebrated 19th December, Chairman and MLA of Shiroda Constituency sir Subhash Shirodkar, Management members all the staff of Shivgram Education society and students from VIIth to XIIth were present.