Ashadi Ekadshi also known in various names like Maha-ekadashi, Padma Ekadashi and Devpodhi Ekadashi is the 11th lunar day of the Hindu month of Ashada which falls in June or July. Followers of Vishnu, also called Vaishnavas consider this day as a holy day with special significance. Images of Vishnu and Lakshmi are worshiped on this day followed by an entire night of offering prayers in the form of songs. 

In the Quran, the prophet Muhammad got his first revelation during Ramadan. Eid al-Fitr is believed to have originated when Muhammad arrived in Medina from Mecca and witnessed people celebrating with feasts on two specific days.Some Eid traditions include dressing up, snacking on some dates and heading to a mosque for special prayers just after dawn. Afterward, it’s recommended to take an alternative route home. School of Symbiosis celebrated Ashadi Ekadshi and Eid on 20th July 2021. Students participated virtually.