The World Environment Day is observed on 5th June every year. The purpose of World Environment Day is to spread awareness about the threat to the environment due to rising pollution levels and climate change. The first World Environment Day was observed in 1974, giving a global platform for inspiring positive change in the environment.The School of Symbiosis celebrated World Environment Day through an online medium. On this occasion, Students created awareness through online activities like planting saplings at their home. Academic Teachers, and Head master advised the children to protect the natural environment and take measures to engage in environment friendly activities. World Environment Day was celebrated with enthusiasm, wherein students performed from their homes thus keeping them aware of the environment issues such as climate change, deterioration of natural resources, etc. The activities helped the children hone their gardening skills. This World Environment Day focused on the role of environment in supporting life on the Earth and human development. The day was celebrated with vigour amidst the lockdown.

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