Chairman’s Statement

shri subhash shirodkar


Shivgram Education Society
(Ex-Education Minister of Goa)

9th of June 1971 was a turning point in my life. On 9th of morning by about 10’o clock when I stepped in a small classroom of few students, within next minutes I fell in love with the students and then that was the end of it. Since that day it is never looking back while working in the field of education. With almost 16 years of teaching and then having established Bramhadurga High School, Shiroda Higher Secondary School, Daffodils Primary & nursery School, Shri Kamaxidevi Homoeopathic medical College Shree Rayeshwar Engineering college. It is pleasure to work in the field of Education.

I would say sky is only the limit for one to work in Education. I strongly believe that if at all we have to have a very vibrant and well developed society with knowledge driven with technology for achieving a healthy and good living then we have to priorities our learning and teaching process at all phases of Education. In our Shivgram Education campus for the last 27 years it is not only me but everybody in the campus right from primary school teacher to RIT Engg. College staffs all are possessed with this vision & mission and we have the confidence that we would succeed in achieving this goal.