School Features

Special Features of the School of Symbiosis

  • School of Symbiosis have independent building with adequate office, staff room, seminar hall, classrooms, Laboratories, playground etc, all equipped and upgraded with modern infrastructure.
  • The school trains the students in all segments like physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, personality and social development by nurturing the National Integration and communal harmony by celebrating different festivals in the school.
  • School of symbiosis have band of selfless, dedicated teachers always ready to work, help and marching forward for all round development of a child into a responsible citizen.  The main source of energy and motivation is the management and Headmaster of the school with a view that “Teamwork can do the wonders.”
  • karate, YHoga, performing ar like Bharatnatyam, Music Learning are additional benefits made available to the student for their integrated growth and for bright future.
  • Remedial Teaching is done for weaker students int he afternoon.
  • 100% English speaking in school.
  • Monthly staff meetings always beginning with the prayer.( Remembering and asking for blessings of God)
  • Classes are never suspended for staff meetings and other small reasons as meeting are held in the afternoon.
  • Paperless and highly effective Innovative morning assemblies.
  • Every fortnight a model lesson by a teacher.
  • Students safety and discipline is the top priority of the school.
  • Minute observation and behavior analysis of each student before, during and after classes is done for better understanding. (Medical and family problems are documented)
  • Active participation and healthy relation of P.T.A and SMC members are the best support in the smooth functioning of school.