1. 1.“Happiness is our nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.” “To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.” Once again thanks to all my hard working staff members ( Teaching as well as Non- Teaching ) for your Sincere & Dedicated services for the glory of our institution. With every successful event we are marching closer to our School mission that is “TO NURTURE & MOULD TENDER LIVES THROUGH QUALITY EDUCATION FOR PROMOTING HUMAN VALUES & LASTING RELATIONSHIPS & BUILD A SOCIETY OF LOVE , PEACE & HARMONY ”. The month of July 2016 was no doubt very hectic but we all nicely managed to complete all the assigned tasks efficiently. All events were awesome.         All teachers are really doing fantastic power point presentations during the meetings. I think I should give special praises to the staff secretary Miss Seema Naik & Joint secretary Miss Melita Cabral along with computer teacher Mrs Pravita Sawant & our school photographer Mr. Anup Naik. Please continue working as one single team & keep School priorities before your personal priorities. Our School really have tremendous scope. The more we give the more we will get. The best we give the best we will get. Remember our HAPPINESS is within us.
  2.  I am happy as we have got a new Resource teacher Mr. Ramchandra Bhosle which will ease our pressure to handle weaker students. Expecting good work from Mr. Bhosle & request all teachers to kindly co-operate with him.
  3. I am happy with our Bharat Natyam, Yoga & Karate classes on every Wednesday & Saturday, Mr. Ramesh Gaonkar our LDC is nicely handling Karate classes, feeling very proud to have a very sincere clerk who is also a black belt in Karate. Mr. Kapil Bhandari our PE teacher a trained yoga instructor is handling Yoga classes. Mrs. Kalindi Naik is nicely handling Bharat Natyam classes along with Chaitanya Vasudevan. All teachers are also assisting them. Requesting all other teachers to be little more watchful during the lunch break on both these days. Care is taken to keep some teachers free during last lecture on both these days. Please note that no activity should be planned or organised if it leads to indiscipline among students & staff.
  4. I am very happy with all the teachers for completing the home contacts of your SSC guardian students.
  5. I am happy with your remedial classes that you have engaged for all students from std V to X in the last month. Please do plan remedials as per your requirements. Our regular SSC evening classes are also going on well.
  6. The sporting attitude of our staff is our strength specially of all my lady staff members. Some of you are performing in par with men. Keep it up. I would like to appreciate tr. Seema, Tr. Melita, Tr. Gautami & Tr. Marushka for shouldering all the responsibilities on the day of Staff football Exhibition match played on 15th July 2016 between SHSS & SOS. Chairman Sir & Chief Guest shri Kenen Almeida applauded your good work & sacrifices.


1.It becomes really very difficult when any teacher remains on leave without informing. I have two bitter incidents to mention here one when tr. Bela was on leave & Konkani lecture had to be substituted without my intimation. & when tr. Manisha had to sacrifice IX geography class for Higher secondary & Rammanohar & Ivon were involved in fight & both had to be suspended. To avoid such incidents in future please inform Headmaster in advance about your leave.  Together we can tackle this problem easily.

2.As far as language club is concerned I have still not got any program or strategies where students reading habits can be improved. Language club teachers please work on it seriously. Let me repeat my words nothing will happen if we don’t initiate the things.

  1. Responsibilities before assembly, during assembly & specially after last bell are reshuffled, please perform your duties efficiently.  In the next staff meeting all in-charge teachers should present a detail report of the observations. Some teachers are really doing well.
  2. GOLDEN SHAKE hand is the best policy to generate respect for self. leave all other work behind & be prompt in the class specially when you are free during the previous class. Lethargy of all forms should be totally avoided. In the absence of tr. Suchita & tr. Manisha there is a big void, the new teachers are expected to be on their TOES all the time. We have already commited to Management & Parents that this year too we are going to give 100 pc results in SSC. During Assembly time all teachers are expected to be keen observers & correct the students immediately.

    5.All staff are strictly instructed not to leak out or spell out any decisions of the school which are not confirmed to either family members, outsiders or students. I will never tolerate any such incidents specially when any staff member speak or report any wrong information of any staff without knowing the complete truth.


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